Ivory Rasmus

by Ivory Rasmus

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released January 18, 2017



all rights reserved


Ivory Rasmus

Producer|Pianist & Cellist|Youtuber|Singer

HEADER BY: twitter.com/astroblur

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Track Name: Fade
I want you like a predator wants it's prey
for your approval I would pray
Because to me you're worth more than diamonds
And you can have all of me
If I can have your time
If I can be on your mind
Track Name: Bend
And maybe you don't want to see me
But maybe I can make you come to me
I've got what you seek in the palm of my hand
All you have to do is understand

So when I sit and cry
Just be there by my side
I'll give you all you could need
You'll finally be freed

All I ask of you is to Bend
To what I want you to be
To what I want to see
And never leave my side
Never leave my side
I just want to confide
To someone
So give me hope
Track Name: Lights
And I
See the
Neon Lights
And think "friend we're fine"
And we'll never
Run out of time
So let us lay
Let me stay
With you
And think about
And I
See the Lights
Do you ever think
"Are we really fine?"
Do we lie?
When we lie
After you realize
That I'm not the one
Who you really want
Who you really want
Track Name: Used
And maybe you don't want me
But what if I had the world?

Would this disdain fade?
Would my love for you be in vein?

Because I want you
but you don't want me

I'd give all of the world
To see you more

To see a smile on your face
as I walk in the door

And maybe you don't care
But I want to be with you
I don't care what I'd have to do

Maybe I should be used

Oh I want to be used
Because my love
it's not enough

But numbers are just what you want
you want all that's mine
And when you're draining me
I'll realize

That I still love you
That I still want to

Be your friend until the end
Maybe the pain will fade away
Maybe the dreaming of
better days will finally end
finally end

Because I
Want you to lie
When you say you've fallen in love

Because it makes me happy
Because you want me
Because you want to feed

Off just one part of me
So I'll give up the rest
and restart

Track Name: Change
Can you feel it all?
It feeds off of me
It's environing me
and the ones we set free

And it'll break us all
Even the ones above
Erasing our story
Erasing our history
Changing it all
It furls and sprawls
And when it's done you realize
You've lost it all
Track Name: Shadow
And maybe you don't want to be with me
But I know you and you don't know me
So i'll be your shadow
Oh I'm just a shadow
To you

I'll admire you from afar
And you don't know
That I know all you are
All your highs and lows
But I don't think we'll
Ever come close
I wish you could see me
All I want to do is be free
Of this anxiety

And I'll lurk out in the background
Fighting a battle without sound
Because in my mind
You're better than I could ever be

But what if I'm not worth your time
What if you see me as petty
Well I'd love to try

Maybe I shouldn't have you
Maybe you're too good
What if I put you down on my level
I wonder if I should
Step out of the shadows for you
Or pull you from your comfort zone
Down with me for eternity
You're better than the last
Oh I could make last